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Javo House

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Experience innovative payments

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Easy Customizable Search builder

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Best Javo House
Real Estate Theme

Property, Housing Listing theme

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Various kinds

Browse the
full homepage

Meet the various types of homepage.
Just select the page you like.


Create, flexible
Detail page

Customize ( Add / Remove / Edit )
Create the detail pages Ready to customize
widgets for each listing detail parts.

Dynamic page

Drag & Drop
All Page builder

The template is ready you can
change it and use it & customizable


Various All Home Page

Perfect responsiveness in various
designs and various types of homepages

Header & Footer

Header & Footer Bulider

Customize headers and footers to your liking
Customization Or select a prepared template and use it

All Layout

Experience a variety
header & footer layouts

The template is ready you can
change it and use it & customizable


several kinds

Many Great
List Page

Discover a plethora of complete
listing pages Meet various types of pages
It is available for selection
customization is possible.


Different types
of All maps

Lots of features and perfect design
customizable, Choose the shape you want

Easy Made

Create or select
all modules

The template is ready you
can change it and use it + Customization

Easy crafting

Convenient, easy
Search Form Builder

Selectable, Craftable, Customizable.

Easy crafting

Made with Drag & Drop
Search form builder

Easily create searchform
widgets with drag and drop

Easy crafting

Select the desired field

You can create a search form
by selecting the desired type of field.

For package members

Detail page for

People who pay can see all
the details on the detail page those
who don't can see a little bit of the
details on the detail page.


Paid,Full Info



You can customize whole
layout & fields to show or remove