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Many Home pages

Beautiful & diverse website

Besides this one to help you diversify your listings.

Directory - Classic Home

Directory - Map, List, view

Property - home1

Pet - Home1

Pet - Home2

Pet - Home3

Car - Home1

Classicfieds - Svg, Listing list

Job - Home1

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+11 types of map listing pages

Multiple different Map pages

Only sample pages. Modify, Merge Them for Your Own Map page

List Left Filter Boxed

Map, Left Filter Boxed

Get results using the search form, which can be easily found on the map of the place.

Expand Map & List

Full Map - Expand

When a map is selected, a panel displays information about the selected place.

Toggle Swich Map & List

list Full - Bottom Toggle

You can switch to a map or list using the toggle button at the bottom of the screen.

Left Filter Boxed Blue

Left Filter Boxed Blue

Innovative filter that allows you to create multiple types and assign templates to each type.

Half Map Sticky

Half Map Sticky

Try easy filtering with a small movement using the toggle button to the map page using sticky

Right Panel, Left Maps

Half Map - Right Panel, Left Maps

We have placed the right panel, left map, and a sticky menu for easy access to the menu.
Discover Template Builders

Take a look at flexible template builders

You can use pre-made templates and also create some more by drag & drop!

Create Unlimited Listing Types

Add list type, properties for each type, and Can also set messages & notification for each list type.

Create All Types of templates

Create templates of your choice, such as a footer, header, listing detail page and etc.

Drag & Drop Map & List

Create a map or list page easily and conveniently using drag, drop.

Easy Customizer

Beautify your listing page with easy many customization without coding.

Pre-made Templates to use

You don't even have to create them. Just choose from a variety of templates and use them.

Innovative Javo Widget

There are a variety of basic widgets to listing-only widgets. Even Each Listing Meta Widget.
Responsive Ready

Fully Responsive Implementation

Perfectly clean and responsive in every home see you right now.
Header & Footer

function and simple

Header and footer with functional and simple design.
Header & Footer features

Explore the key features

Header and footer with functional and simple design.

Created by Drag & Drop

Drag & drop to create headers and footers.

Specified & Detailed Widgets

Each part of widgets are ready to drag & drop

Global Setting, Each page setting

Choose you use on posts, pages & listing types.